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Four Seasons Montreal – A Twist on Luxury Hotel Design

Four Seasons Montreal Hotel opened in May 2019 and has already brought its city back to the forefront of luxury design, with outstanding international media accolades, including AD Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, Deezen and Wallpaper, and also a nomination to the 2019 Surface Magazine Travel Awards.

Four Seasons Montreal - A Twist on Luxury Hotel Design

The imagination and thoughtfulness of the team’s creative minds inspired every corner of the Hotel’s unique social ecosystem, englobing graceful and sensual modern rooms, a lively dining and drinking environments, a spa and wellness sanctuary.

Four Seasons Montreal - A Twist on Luxury Hotel Design

The Four Seasons Montreal Hotel is the city’s newest venue for top-level business meetings and glittering social galas, it also has an exclusive community of private residences in the heart of Montreal’s Golden Square Mile, steps away from the city’s best shops, galleries, restaurants and museums.

Four Seasons Montreal - A Twist on Luxury Hotel Design

The Building: Elegance of a Gold Chain on a Classic Black Dress

Designed by Lemay and Sid Lee Architecture, the building that houses the Four Seasons Montreal Hotel combines classic elegance and contemporary style. The 18-floor multifunctional building includes 169 hotel rooms and 18 private residences.

Four Seasons Montreal - A Twist on Luxury Hotel Design

Boldly draped in black, the tower captures light differently on each floor interacting with Montreal’s ever-changing skyline and seasons. The façade’s main volumes are divided according to its functions by a golden bas-relief that folds inwards and spreads vertically, creating a thin blade in the centre of the building which alters its visual aspect.

Four Seasons Montreal - A Twist on Luxury Hotel Design

The glass’s dark colour lays a delicate veil over the interior spaces and creates a subdued appearance at nightfall, framed by granite side façades which reflect the rhythm of the glass panels as their textures come to life with the changing ambient light.

The Design – Sensual Interior Design by Paris-based Gilles and Boissier in Collaboration with Philip Hazan

The Hotel’s interiors were designed by Gilles and Boissier alongside Philip Hazan in order to create a contrast with the building’s dark façade. Guests enter through a lobby of white marble with gold elevators to discover pink and grey velvet walls.

Four Seasons Montreal - A Twist on Luxury Hotel Design

Graceful and sensual, the 169 rooms are imbued with modern classicism, bathed in comforting colours of cloud white, with ethereal backlighting, smooth velvet textures, mirrored surfaces, swathes of marble and bronze, gold and dark wood accents.

The feeling of sophisticated, modern luxury is completed by the glamourous rose velvet furniture, a circular bar for make-your-own cocktails, minimalist four-poster beds, corpulent backlit mirrors that reflect the spectacular city views which slip through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The west-facing side of the building offers the best views in the city to admire the iconic Leonard Cohen Mural.

Four Seasons Montreal - A Twist on Luxury Hotel Design

Atelier Zébulon Perron – MARCUS Restaurant + Terrace and MARCUS Lounge + Bar

At the Four Seasons Montreal Hotel, the celebrated Montreal Design firm – Atelier  Zébulon Perron helped develop a new concept: The Social Square. This sprawling third-floor Social Square encompasses both the Hotel’s lobby as well as MARCUS Restaurant + Terrace and MARCUS Lounge + Bar, by the celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson.

Four Seasons Montreal - A Twist on Luxury Hotel Design

MARCUS lounge bar, restaurant and terrace are four distinct and immersive worlds, that overlap and complement each other, whilst each seamlessly blends into the Hotel’s contemporary architecture. Sophisticated and approachable, refined and organic, they fuse design and experienced based on social ergonomics and contemporary taste.

Four Seasons Montreal - A Twist on Luxury Hotel Design

They are inspired by circadian rhythms in which each moment is imagined to be a novel, one of a kind experience from the floating velvet bench in the lounge, to the prismatic lighting cast by the crystal wall, the leather banquettes in the restaurant, and the terrace’s sun-drenched tables overlooking the city.

Four Seasons Montreal - A Twist on Luxury Hotel Design

In reference to chef Samuelsson’s seafood creations, the restaurant and terrace suggest a theme reminiscent of the ocean. The restaurant’s charm is a combination of opposites, balancing elegance and warmth with minimalism and modernity. In contrast, the intimate night bar gives the impression of entering an enchanted forest.

With quirky features, such as the crab exoskeleton in an infinity glass cube that greets visitors in the foyer and the colourful cold room display of seafood charcuterie at the restaurant’s entrance, the designers remind us that, at MARCUS, it is ultimately the cuisine of Chef Marcus Samuelsson that takes centre stage.

Four Seasons Montreal - A Twist on Luxury Hotel Design

Art – An Eight-floor Art Installation by Montrealer Pascale Girardin

Tucked away inside the building and only accessible to Hotel guests, Pascale Girardin’s floral-inspired installation cascades down the building’s open-air atrium. Suspended in the Hotel’s private open-air atrium, the sculpture, entitled Contemplation, creates an elegant counterpoint to the Hotel’s linear architecture by evoking nature in the heart of the luxurious urban establishment.

Four Seasons Montreal - A Twist on Luxury Hotel Design

Made of lightweight aluminium, the all-white installation with gilded accents of 24-karat gold is made up of more than ninety floral suspensions ranging from 30 centimetres (12 inches) to one metre (40 inches) in diameter.

Four Seasons Montreal - A Twist on Luxury Hotel Design

These garlands cascade through the atrium from the 18th to the 9th floor, reflecting the cycles of nature – the blossoms of spring flowers, the movement of petals adrift on a summer breeze, the spill of autumnal leaves and the lightness of falling snow.




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