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Rugs Society Premier Hospitality Furniture Rugs Society Premier Hospitality Furniture

Modern Design for Your Hotel Lobby

Modern Design for Your Hotel Lobby – Hotel Lobbies is glad to present to you a careful selection of 5 hotel lobby Modern Designs to inspire your next Hotel project. As the entryway is the first hotel impression, make sure you take a look at how you can bring the modern feeling into the lobby design.

Modern Design for Your Hotel Lobby

This Hotel Design comes across as being part of a luxury Hotel. The lobby has a modern décor that invites you in. The hotel lobby furniture is simple and in white and greys using a few pops of colour through the pillows. The perfect example of a modern hotel should look like.

Rug'society New Catalogue

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Modern Design for Your Hotel Lobby

BB Contract is the number one choice for the most notable hospitality projects around the world. From 5 star hotels in London to luxurious Villas in Dubai and iconic restaurants in New York, BRABBU has been transforming the most remarkable hospitality projects in unique sensorial experiences. This Hotel shows you how to combine luxury with modern design.

Rug'society New Catalogue

Modern Design for Your Hotel Lobby

We find this modern hotel notorious because of its creativity and the beautiful hotel lobby design. The Modern look ensures a unique hotel experience and there is no doubt that all guests love it.

Modern Design for Your Hotel Lobby

Four Seasons Hotel lobby, in Guangzhou, has an impressive decor and all the details of the hotel interior design is an amazing experience to all guests, offering a perfect experience when it comes to Modern Design. This is one of the most modern and spacious luxury hotels in the city.

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Modern Design for Your Hotel Lobby

A harmonious blend of simplicity and luxury, this hotel lobby takes hospitality projects lifestyle to new heights.  Modern influences are juxtaposed with mid-century furnishings among natural surroundings to induce a sanctuary for the senses.

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