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Top 10 Wimberly Interiors Outstanding projects

Wimberly Interiors is a visionary design firm with a clean, contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic inspired by the success of Wimberly Interiors studios around the globe, where the physical space frames and highlights creative designs. In a time where hospitality is getting more and more incredible projects, we’re showing you the ones Wimberly Interiors presented to the world!

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hotel lobbies wimberly studios


The idea of an “urban resort on the park” was realized with the thought process influenced by economics, aesthetics and cultural tradition. The result is an elegant five star hotel in the heart of the city with spacious guest accommodations and luxurious facilities and a outstanding luxury interior design.

hotel lobbies wimberly studios

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel represents a deluxe urban resort that upholds the international standards and expectations of erudite travelers with a fresh interpretation of Malaysia.

design firm luxury hotel interior design


In a destination renowned for its high rise hotels, the design for a new and unique cultural experience of Dubai was to create a resort on a different scale that was a luxury Arabian experience.

design firm luxury interior design

This modern Arabian property is outrageously opulent with vaulted arches, grand domes, bronze Bedouin statues, mosaic-tiled corridors and hand-painted ceilings. The hospitality interior design for a new and unique cultural experience of Dubai was to create a resort on a different scale that was a luxury Arabian experience.

wynn hospitality interior design


There’s nothing in the world like Las Vegas—and there’s absolutely nothing in Las Vegas like The Wynn and its luxury interior design. In a desert location the indoor and outdoor experiences need to be balanced.

wimberly interiors hospitality design

From the spectacular arrival porte cochère to the European-inspired pool area and the vibrant atrium they all are designed to inspire and delight. The interior design manages to take a huge structure and still bring an elegant and intimate approach to all the elements. A complete resort experience conceived as a collection of neighborhoods with classic but contemporary interpretation of style.

hospitality interior design regis astana


The St Regis is a new-build that was built on the site of an old but famous restaurant built for the president to host guests by the river in the early days of Astana’s creation as the country’s new capital. Its exterior is grandiose in style, with two ten-storey L-shaped wings either side of a central “podium” that features two huge golden-domed “yurts”.

luxury hotel wimberly interiors

The Wimberly Interiors presented us with a architecture that reflects something traditional and grand with a hierarchy of space and form that will take the hotel experience into a new age of refined elegance. Authentic to the destination tapping into both ancient tradition and natural heritage.

best hotel projects el mirador


Perched in a prime position above La Reserva Club, El Mirador is a gated community of six exquisite modern villas, each created to best exploit their unrivalled views across the estate, the golf course and down to the Mediterranean Sea.

wimberly interior ideas

Contemporary design sits beautifully on the landscape in pavilion style maximizing expansive views and outdoor living through walls of glass and tiered decking.

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hospitality interior design royal opera house

A majestic and unique venue conceived distinctly in the grand style of an Omani Palace with a modern style. The outward design features and circulation patterns are a reflection of the grand style seen in modern Omani Palaces.

luxury interior design royal opera house

Architectural character that speaks intelligently to the local vernacular. Visitors experience a splendid entry to the building through an entrance that is backed by tall decorative archways to the main foyer upon which the grand staircase is revealed before them.

luxury hotels atlantis the palm


On a man-made island an Arabian fantasy rises like Atlantis from the sea in awe inspiring visual magic of Arabic shapes and coral pink rising above the ocean. The myth comes alive in chambers and rooms designed to bring the mystery to life and to amaze people’s life with its hospitality interior design.

hotel lobbies interior design

Guests walk on the ocean floor experiencing the phenomenal wow factor that’s synonymous with Atlantis.

hospitality interior design palace


A spectacular palace style resort hotel becomes a luxury destination and the crown jewel of Mines Resort City.

best hotel projects hospitality

Positioned on the shores of a 150 acre lake with views of the surrounding hills, the property features a series of courtyards and sun shaded spaces in keeping with the tropical climate.

hotel lobbies interior design


LANGHAM HUNTINGTON HOTEL & SPA is an iconic landmark hotel located in charming Pasadena, just minutes from Downtown.

luxury interior design hospitality

The interior design team unified the disparate architectural elements accrued through previous incarnations of the hotel by following a cohesive theme of Mission Revival characteristics throughout.

bellagio luxury interior design


Bellagio Shanghai is the sibling hotel to the renowned Bellagio Towers in Las Vegas and Bellagio’s first ever hotel outside North America.


luxury lobbies interior design

WATG, one of the world’s leading hospitality design firm, and Wimberly Interiors, the interior design studio of WATG, worked alongside the Bellagio brand to raise the bar of hotel design in Shanghai.

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