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Hospitality trends for your latest project

Restaurant Ideas for Luxury Hotel inspired by Wes Anderson

There are always plenty of new and exciting hospitality trends emerging in the hospitality industry. Tourists are always on the hunt for the next best experience to behold, the most raved-about city or the most favourably reviewed hotel. The local public is forever in search of the best new restaurant or, they might opt for the reliable ‘Friday night hang’ because it never disappoints. This way, we’re showing the trends you’ll definitly want to use.

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sustainability in the hospitality industry


Many industries are finding new ways to create sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to conduct their business. Guests and patrons are now expecting to see these changes. From the removal of plastic straws in restaurants & bars to room lighting that switches off automatically when leaving – sustainability is without a doubt the hottest hospitality trend in 2019.

hospitality trends unique experiences


In the forefront of hospitality trends in 2019 are unique destinations and bespoke experiences, rather than more traditional luxury accommodation. Hotels are preparing for this next wave of travellers by leading with a cool sustainability message and architectural innovation. From in-room massages to detox retreats, the wellness tourism industry has become a billion dollar industry. From in-room massages to detox retreats, the wellness tourism industry has become a billion dollar industry. Hotels, resorts, cruise ships and even corporate businesses are investing in projects to expand their ability to provide health and wellbeing experiences.

private experiences hospitality trends 2019


Whether it is an international holiday with friends or a romantic getaway, people all over the world a looking to create intimate, exclusive and private experiences.  In order for hotels and other hospitality providers to supply a balance of local atmosphere with private experiences, there has been an increase in separate spaces or services available to hire or book.

hospitality industry restaurants&bars


Celebrity chefs and the buzz around them seems to have plateaued as travellers and want to experience genuine, local & fresh dishes, with an added focus on supporting small and independent businesses. While a fine dining experience will never really go out of style, customers seem to crave authenticity in our travelling and dining experience, and supporting local community is so “in” right now.

hospitality trends social media


This year we will see a shift towards more ephemeral content, with live-streaming and social media stories gaining momentum across many popular platforms. Behind the scenes, social listening will become a more prevalent marketing practice—allowing businesses to monitor online chatter about their brand for more effective lead generation and reputation management.

hospitality trends personalization


The demand for greater personalization, or hyper-personalization, is increasing. With the vast majority of travelers willing to share personal information and preferences in return for greater convenience and personal touches, that will turn every interior design in luxury hospitality design.

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luxury hopitality design high tech


The futuristic tech will begin to gain traction in the hospitality industry this year. It’s predicted that chatbots will be involved in more than 85% of customer service interactions by the year 2020—which isn’t surprising. And there is little customer resistance as consumers adjust to the use of chatbots and other digital assistants in all aspects of their lives.

hospitality trends luxury design


Architects are raising the bar in the concept of uniqueness in travel, by rethinking the luxury hospitality design. With this new approach to design, guests are immersed in an adventurous and exclusive experience thanks to imaginative new architecture set seamlessly in scenic surroundings.

hospitality design trends


Hotels are applying revenue optimization strategies to all hotel profit centers, going beyond a pure rooms focus. New tools have emerged that allow sales to quickly and accurately evaluate group business. Systems instantly generate optimized pricing, allowing hotels to close more deals while maximizing groups and meetings total revenue.

luxury design hospitality trends


Millenials ability to live in the present coupled with their inclination to choose valuable experiences over the material “things” is now having an impact on the tourism industries. Millennials that travel for work are opting to stay a little longer either side of the trip to experience the cities at their leisure – not just through the window of a hotel room between meetings.


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