Latest Hotel décor trends to follow in 2019

2019 Hospitality Design trends-10 worthy to see hotel décor style tips

While 2018 provided us with some great hotel décor trends and interior design décor ideas, others are officially over, giving place to some hot trends to follow this year to get the best interior design. Whether you’re renovating the interior design, buying or just changing some details, these are the trends that came to stay and you don’t want to miss! Chech what’s IN right now in the hotel lobby interior design ideas.

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2019 luxury hotel room trends


In times where everything is uncertain, people tend to look for all the comfort and safety they can get, especially when they have to leave their homes. A hotel interior design can have a role in this: a four-poster bed provides that type of feeling, once it’s the closest thing you can get to a hug from a piece of furniture, adding the fact that is a great feature for a hotel room design.

boho syle hotel room design ideas


In the list of hotel décor trends to be used, something to not be missed in your hotel interior design is The Boho Vibe! This one is back with a little touch of vintage modern and curved lines. Something that came back are layering and patterned fabrics, but this time they’re supposed to be a bit brighter and cleaner.

black & white style hotel interior decor ideas


A timeless hotel décor trend will always be black & white. Black & White furnishings will be the most used this 2019 and will keep every hotel lobbies interior design on trend. The visual contrast of black and white will provide a sense of balance and boldness to your space.

acrylic furniture interior deisgn 2019


Acrylic can give a interior design the sense of  architectural structure it needs without taking up visual real estate. Acrylic is a fantastic foundational piece in a small space, like an entry, to provide a surface that can be layered with more organic items and not feel busy and keeping a luxury hotel décor.

biopholic hotel lobby interior design


Biophilia is one of the greatest hotel décor trends of 2019, emphasizing the relationship between humankind and nature, and the connections between both of them. Natural, organic materials–such as wood floors, stone, and daylight and plant life–remind us of the exterior and brings the outside and nature, in.

geometric patterns 2019 hotel trends


Incorporating geometric patterns is no new trend. Still, for 2019, geometric patterns are expected to become a dramatic presence. Colors will be bolder with oversized patterns. This trend will help any hotel room design to have a bolder statement.


vintage lighting hotel decor 2019


Part of a luxury hotel décor will be a trend that might surprise you and it’s making its way back into 2019 hotel room design. The vintage lights we are expecting to see will be less exposed lighting and more of vintage pendants, in brass and copper finishes. 2019 will be a year where trending designs come together as one.

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