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10 Hotel room design ideas you’ll want to use in your own bedroom

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Hotel rooms always feel like a slice of heaven with their tasteful design and well-made beds. If you want all of this in your bedroom, this is the article you need to read! Don’t miss the next 10 hotel room decorating ideas that will totally transform your bedroom.

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luxury hotel room ideas

Define the sleeping space with a wrap around headboard

Wrap around headboards is an effective way to define your sleeping space, as well as add texture and colour to a room. There are a number of ways to do it and style them, but no matter how you do it, a wraparound headboard makes a unique design detail and it’s usually part of many luxury hotel interior design ideas.

hotel bedroom interior design ideas

Make it personal and unique

The best luxury hotels of the world want their visitors to feel at home, to accomplish this many hotel rooms feature regional art and local interest magazines so a guest feels a connection with the city they are visiting. For your own bedroom you can use your favorite painting, family photographs, a bookshelf with your favorite books, don’t be afraid to include those special items, in order to feel connected and at peace.

bedroom luxury design ideas

Add elements of comfort

In any hotel interior design, comfort is always a must-have. Things like sheepskins, extra blankets, and piles of pillows add texture, cosiness, and warmth to your space and they’re easy to change out when the seasons or your tastes change.

natural light hotel interior design ideas

Natural light

Floor to ceiling windows are one of the favourite features of luxury hotels visitors and is always one of the best hotel bedroom decorating ideas. Having one will make your bedroom be invaded with natural light and present you with a connection with the outside.

platform beds luxury hotels interior design ideas

Put your bed in a platform

Raising up your bed even just a few extra inches can create a whole new feel in your bedroom. Hotels do it to separate the sleeping areas from the living areas, but in your bedroom, this could also be done to separate the sleeping and relaxing areas so you have a space designated just for sleep.

luxury hotels lighting design ideas

Light it up!

In most hotel room lighting ideas, the following techniques are often utilized: three-way switch at an entry for bedside lamp; closet lighting that turns on automatically when the door is opened; reading lights at the bed that are individually controlled. Having these features will bring you great comfort.

Rug'society New Catalogue bedroom luxury hotel interior design lounge area

Include a lounge area

Hotel rooms often include a lounge or seating area in the room to provide a place for guests to sit or relax that isn’t on the bed. Doing the same in your own bedroom creates the perfect spot for reading, relaxing, or enjoying your morning coffee and is as simple as including just a chair or cosy couch and a small table.

luxury hotels interior design ideas

The Not-So-Obvious Keys to Comfort

Luxury hotel interior design ideas often include characteristics that aren’t so obvious on the eyes. Review the room’s acoustics, ventilation and system controls. Steps, like adding extra insulation between walls, install upgraded carpet pad, add fabric walls with padded upholstered wall panels or on the headboard, will help to increase your comfort. Don’t forget to place your bed away from air vents and make sure you have access to fresh air.

interior design ideas bedroom design


Even if you don’t have a supersize luxury hotel bedroom, make sure you create separate areas to sleep, read, work or even get ready in the morning. The first step is to decide which activities you want to perform and plan your space accordingly.

mural on the wall luxury hotel interior design ideas

Paint a mural on the wall 

Murals are one of the highly used features in luxury hotel interior design as it personalizes the space and adds life to walls. Hotels usually bring artists, but you can always try to do it yourself and have an even more personalized space.

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