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Hotel Lobby Design Ideas For Your Project

Hotel lobby design layouts are one of the most important aspects of a hotel project. The layout is basically a blueprint of all the physical elements of design and where they will be put in the lobby. This depends on the circulation space and the estimated number of people that would be using the lobby at any given time.

Hotel Lobby Design Ideas For Your Project

The layout of a hotel lobby design is supposed to be designed around the circulation space, as it needs to look wide and spacious. All the furniture is almost always sidelined with a large space in the middle for the easy movement of guests and management alike.

Many hotel projects focused on offering a striking first impression. The importance of entrance lobbies is growing, as social encounters become more and more dependent on this particular hotel area.

This hospitality idea can help you to create a luxurious design in your project, especially in the hotel.

Hotel Lobby Design Ideas For Your Project

The Sheraton Grand Hotel boasts a range of accommodation options with 416 luxurious guest rooms and 58 suites—including two Presidential Suites—as well as 180 premium serviced apartments, which range from one to three bedrooms and offer a separate entrance to the main hotel entrance. The hotel lobby design conveys a sense of simplistic modern style, with a complementary colour palette and stylish light fittings and furnishings.

A contemporary design it’s everything you need, just look at it!

Hotel Lobby Design Ideas For Your Project

There is nothing better when modern style meets classic.

Hotel Lobby Design Ideas For Your Project

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The best you can do for your design creation is here!

Hotel Lobby Design Ideas For Your Project

A vintage mural lines the entrance of the garage paying homage to the location’s storied past, which used to be the location of Oregon Nursery Company. As you enter the lobby through the garage a transition happens, the entryway, which mixes metal, lights and wood combines the urban feel of Rowlock with its rural agro-industrial inspiration.

The modern style will perfectly suit your hospitality.

Hotel Lobby Design Ideas For Your Project

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