SHH and the Mayfair Hotel: A Success Story

SHH was presented with a challenging brief to not only redesign a cocktail bar but also to create a space that could be used throughout the entire day, without compromising its essential use as an evening venue, by the Mayfair Hotel.

The previous refurbishment had diminished the space of its character resulting in a bar which felt disassociated from its context, so SHH’s aim withing the design also became to reestablish a connection.

SHH and the Mayfair Hotel A Success Story

Making use of a richly detailed palette of materials, the design interwoven elements provided hints into the bar, hotel, and sites past and the stories and events that take place within its opulent walls.

SHH and the Mayfair Hotel A Success Story

Founded in 1991 by David Spence, Graham Harris and Neil Hogan, SHH is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning Chartered Architecture and Interior Design practice based in West London that is dedicated to creating world-class projects with integrity, intelligence and flair.

SHH and the Mayfair Hotel A Success Story
SHH and the Mayfair Hotel A Success Story
At SHH, they pride themselves in the seamless delivery of exceptional projects and attention to the finest detail. They work with the very best craftsmen and specialist suppliers so that our service can be tailored to the clients’ exact requirements and every dream becomes a reality.

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