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Hotel Lobby – Design Style Ideas

When the question is decorating a hotel lobby, there are a huge number of styles that we can use. Some people love the classic one while others love the modern hotel lobbies. You just need to find the best one to fit the atmosphere you want to give to the hotel lobby.
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In this article, we will find out the most used styles to decor a hotel lobby and understand how they can be used. Take a look!

Contemporary Hotel Lobby

A contemporary modern hotel lobby should be minimalist with clean and sharp lines of modern furniture. In the case of the accessories, they must fit the modern ambiance. Note that less is more! In terms of the palette, the earth tones with a subtle splash of accent color highlights is the secret ingredient to this design style.

Mid-Century Hotel Lobby

In the opposite of the previous style, mid-century modern decorations have a big focus on the shapes, colors, and fabrics. This allows creating a sophisticated decor ambiance with a palette that can have earth tones, combining together to create a comfortable atmosphere. See Also: 2020 TRENDS – CHAI TEA DESIGN FOR YOUR HOTEL Rug'society New Catalogue

Modern Classic Hotel Lobby

The modern classic interior design style is inspired by the classic design, such as Art Deco or Victorian style. In this style, the classic elements are combined with a modern one, resulting in an elegant and sophisticated modern class atmosphere. This refined design is focused on high-quality and even luxurious materials and modern classic furniture. If we talk about the palette, it is the classic one: brown, grey, black, white and beige.

Modern Luxury Hotel Lobby

The modern luxury interior design style is opulent and elegant, perfect to create a deluxe yet comfortable atmosphere. If you want a classy hotel lobby, this is the best interior design for you. Modern luxury decor palette includes shades of brown, cream, grey, beige and black. Furthermore, high-quality materials, furniture, and fabrics will make a statement!
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